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Heritage Wine Cellar Wines

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Red Wines

Concord $8.99
Sweetest, red, very flavorful, Silver Medal  
Fredonia $8.99
Sweet, smooth and flavorful, light finish  
Sangria $9.99
Sweet refreshing natural citrus blend  
Half and Half $8.99
Blend of Concord and Niagra wines  
Delilah Rose $8.99
Semi-Sweet, blend of red and white grapes  
Isabella $8.99
Semi Sweet, full flavored unique taste  
Pink Catawba $8.99
Semi-sweet, light bodied, distinct taste  
Blush $8.99
Semi-dry and flavorful, Zinfandel taste  
Steel City Red $11.99
Dry, rich taste with a smooth finish  
Burgundy $9.99
Dry hybrid blend in a Bordeux style  
Marachel Foch $12.99
Dry, medium body, Pinot Noir style  
Merlot $14.99
Dry medium body, Merlot style finish  
Cabernet Sauvignon $14.99
 Dry European style, distinct  taste  

White Wines

Sweet Country White $8.99
Sweetest, very fruity, smooth finish
Niagara $8.99
Sweet, crisp fresh grape flavor
Vidal 12.99
A Sunny dry with a citrus finish.  
Cayuga $12.99
A semi-dry grape flavor  
Chablis $8.99
Semi-dry, light, soft and delicate wine  
White Riesling $14.99
A delicate taste of fruit, slightly dry  
Pinot Grigio $14.99
Dry, light and very crisp  
Chardonnay $14.99
Dry European style, delicate with a slight oak flavor  

Sparkling Wines

Bubbling Plum Crazy $12.99
 Sweet blend of grape and natural plum  
Bursting Blueberry $12.99
Sweet full natural flavor  
Bubbling Cold Goose $12.99
Sweet blend of Concord and Fredonia grapes  
Bubbling Strawberry $12.99
Sweet flavor of fresh strawberries  
Peach Fuzz $12.99
Sweet fresh peach taste  
Very Beary Blackberry $12.99
Sweet natural blackberry and grape blend  
Bubbling Niagra $12.99
Semi-sweet grape flavor, Asti taste  
Bubbling Catawba $12.99
  Semi-sweet light flavor  
Private Reserve $12.99
Semi dry blend of Chablis white wine  


Matt's Mash $14.99
 18% Alcohol - a secret blend of red wines  
Flagship Port  $14.99
16% Alcohol - concord port  
Johnny's Jack Apple Port $14.99
18% Alcohol - blend of 7 varieties of Apples  
Peach Port $14.99
18% Alchohol - crisp taste of 100% peach  

Specialty Wines

Almondiera $9.99
 Sweet Almond flavor, dessert wine  
Blackberry Reserve $12.99
100% natural blackberry 13% alcohol  
Blueberry $9.99
 Sweet blend of grape and blueberry  
Cranberry $9.99
  Tart and Sweet, cranberry abounds  
Dark Cherry $9.99
 Semi-Sweet, natural cherry flavor  
Dutch Apple $9.99
  A fresh tasting apple wine  
Dutch Apple Spice $9.99
 Apple wine with cinnamon and clove. Serve cold or warm  
Elderberry $9.99
 Sweet blend of grape and elderberry  
Holiday Spice $9.99
 A red wine with cinnamon and clove, serve warm  
Kir $9.99
 Unique blend of currant and raspberry  
Orange Blossom $9.99
Sweet refreshing citurs taste, a white Sangria  
Peach $9.99
Sweet fresh peach taste  
Plum Royale $9.99
Sweet and rich plum taste  
Raspberry $9.99
 Sweet fresh raspberry taste.  
Strawberry $9.99
Sweet rich full taste of natural strawberry  
Winter Pear $9.99
 A refreshing taste of pear.  
Ice Wine  $35.99
Made from frozen grapes, limited quantity, 375 ml  
Chocolate Covered Cherry $14.99
Chocolate Covered Strawberry $14.99

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