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Heritage Wine Cellars

Heritage Wine's Heritage!

Heritage Wine Cellars reflects in its name, the Bostwick Family's traditional commitment to the wine and grape industry. This tradition of quality viticulture is carried on by the 6th generation owners, Matthew & Joshua, under the direction and tutelage of their father, Master Winemaker Robert C. Bostwick. The Bostwick Family has been involved in the grape and wine industry for over 150 years. In 1985, the youngest son, Robert C. Bostwick began managing the farm. With the help of his father, Robert founded Heritage Wine Cellars in 1976. Robert continued the family tradition by teaching his sons, Matthew and Joshua, the family tradition of winemaking and farming. Today, Matthew and Joshua Bostwick manage the winery. In addition to the winery, Matthew took over tending his grandmother, Julia's vineyards in 1999. He is currently looking forward to planting many new varieties worthy of wine production. Currently, much of the farm is Concord grapes which can be used for wine, but are a common and popular juice grape.

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Christian W. Klay Winery

The History of the Christian W. Klay Winery

Winery owner Sharon Klay and her husband John first developed an interest in winemaking while living in New York City in the 1970s. This interest led them to research and the selection of the nearly 100 varieties of grapes that would be suitable for cool climate growing conditions. When the Klays relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they searched for three years to find a suitable vineyard site. In 1986, the couple purchased a 215-acre farm in Chalk Hill, Pennsylvania. John developed a successful practice as a cardiothoracic surgeon, while Sharon decided to take the original 1,000 vines on the property to 14,000 vines. In 1997, Fayette County’s first commercial winery opened. Named after the Klays’ son Christian, Sharon planned to offer her customers the complete wine experience and soon developed an array of enticing special events for the public, such as murder mysteries and a “Wine & Dine in the Woods” series. Fayette Springs Farm was a suitable place for the Klays’ venture as the farm had a long history of entertaining and welcoming guests. At the turn of the century, the farm was owned by U.S. Senator William E. Crow who opened his mountain estate to many visitors including President Harding and Black Jack Pershing. Today, the winery still offers guests entertaining special events, informative and educational tours, ideal venues for private events, wine tasting, and shopping in two locations. An active partner in the community, the winery also hosts annual benefits for Fayette Friends of Animals, the State Theatre, and the West Virginia University College of Creative Arts.

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