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Heritage Wine Cellar Wines Christian W. Klay Wines

Heritage Wine Cellar Sparkling Wines

Bubbling Plum Crazy $13.99
 Sweet blend of grape and natural plum  
Bursting Blueberry $13.99
Sweet full natural flavor  
Bubbling Cold Goose $13.99
Sweet blend of Concord and Fredonia grapes  
Bubbling Strawberry $13.99
Sweet flavor of fresh strawberries  
Peach Fuzz $13.99
Sweet fresh peach taste  
Very Beary Blackberry $13.99
Sweet natural blackberry and grape blend  
Bubbling Niagra $13.99
Semi-sweet grape flavor, Asti taste  
Bubbling Catawba $13.99
  Semi-sweet light flavor  
Private Reserve $13.99
Semi dry blend of Chablis white wine  

Christian Klay Sparkling Wines

Lavender Mist $22
Semi-sweet White infused with lavender petals  
Twelve Springs Peach $20
A sweet taste of fresh peach.  
Summit Mist $20
A sweet burst of grape with a hint of black cherries.  
Indigo $20
A sweet burst of Blueberry.  

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